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Right To Receive Time!

The Fund Office has sent to all retirees and surviving spouses over the age of 70 a Right to Receive letter. You should be receiving this form in the mail in the upcoming days. We ask that you complete the form and return it to the Fund Office with proof that you are collecting social security. To provide proof of a social security payment, you may either submit a current letter from Social Security or submit a copy of your bank statement showing the Social Security deposit. We do not need to see anything else on your bank statement. You can black all other transactions out, along with account number. We just need to see your name and that you are receiving a Social Security check.
This form should be returned within 60 days. If we don’t receive the form within 60 days, we will send out a second notice, in case you didn’t receive the first one.
If you have any questions once you receive this form, you may contact the Pension Department.
The Fund Office would like to wish all our Retirees a Happy and Healthy Summer!